The Cardioman warns of magnetic and electromagnetic fields (EMF) that can cause interferences with pacemakers or defibrillators. Whenever the measured field strengths approach specific limits that can cause a hazard for the user it informs you by means of acoustic and visual signals. The warning appears before an interference or disfunction can take place. Thus, you can avoid the source of danger before anything happens.

The Cardioman can be a continuous companion in everyday life. It points out possible dangers and provides more safety. It additionally enables the valuation of hazards of everyday household appliances or machines. In such a way you can discover and sort out damaged appliances with high risk. Find additional information and details about the functionality on the page Background.

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  • warns of electromagnetic radiation ("electromagnetic pollution")
  • facilitates the valuation of everyday hazards
  • signals the necessary distance to household appliances, broadcasting antennas, machines, transformers, etc.
  • discovers damaged appliances with bad risk
  • provides security since more than 5 years in personal and occupational environments
  • fits in any shirt pocket due to its compact design


  • detects magnetic fields and electromagnetic radiation
  • covers the complete frequency range from 0 to 3.3 GHz
  • warns with acoustic and visual signals
  • is consequently adjusted to the characteristics of pacemakers
  • is likewise appropriate for defis / ICDs
  • comprises six integrated antennas and four different detectors
  • can be used together with any pacemaker and defibrillator

More safety

Certain guidelines with respect to electric appliances are communicated by the attending physician or in information material. However, an uncertainty due to residual risk remains with the pacemaker or defi patient. Here, the Cardioman provides additional safety. For the first time you have the possibility to check and prove these guidelines. You gain more freedom in the arrangement of your life.
E.g. it is more convincing to straightly check the radiation of your mobile phone than to follow the recommendation not to position it close to your pacemaker. In most cases you will find out, that the devices you use do not bear any risk.
Uncertainty is replaced by safety.

In occupational safety the warning system renders a good service by detecting the fields emanating from appliances and machines. The Cardioman supports the assessment of workplaces, helps to avoid accidents, and gives the pacemaker or defi patient more safety.

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